Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thank You.... the Brewers for:

1. a season to remember

2. making the city of Milwaukee realize that there is more to life than the Packers (even if only for a short time)

3. making the race for the pennant interesting down to the last weekend

4. always being my team

I do have to say that I am still angry about all of this. It made me more mad when last night after the game I was watching Scrubs on WGN and they cut in and went live in the streets of Chicago. That must be my competitiveness coming out. It sure was a fun season though. Everyone just thinking that we took an early lead and by June were going to be out of it. Even last night announcers were not giving the Brewers enough credit. I guess I just have to get used to that.

I guess I should also thank mom and dad, for making me into the crazed Brewers fan I am.


Anonymous said...

Your life could be way worse, you could be a Met fan. Its Monday morning and I just woke up hoping Sunday was a dream...correction nightmare....Unfortunately its reality. --anne