Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Relaxing Weekend

That's right, there were no football games, no retreats, no birthday parties or any of the like, so we took advantage and got out of town. We only went as far as Carrollton (Dallas), but it was worth it. We left Friday by 3:45 and were up there by 8:45. We hit some construction along with a longer dinner stop than expected. We had no plans and no agenda, so it was a great time. The girls got to play outside in the sandbox, Maddie was trying to catch a few butterflies, the boys watched football, we all played cards, got to see Adam, and Kathy and I even snuck in a trip to Hobby Lobby. We had a nice relaxing weekend. We didn't even head home until about 6 on Sunday. It was later than usual, but I think Chad wanted to get the most out of the weekend.

Other than our short trip, we haven't been up to much. We continue to keep up with the Brewers even 1200 miles away. We are heading to the game tomorrow and hope that they can play like they have been. On that same note, I continue to curse the Cubs every time they win.

The girls are just as wild as ever. Maddie is talking more and more and about 85% of the time I know what she is saying and the other 15% I feel like she is talking Maddiese. Emma tries to keep up with Maddie and is getting better and better. She is developing quite the personality. She is becoming a typical little sister. She will push Maddie and keep pushing her and then when Maddie pushes her back, she starts too cry. She is already learning the art of annoying. Maddie is loving blowing bubbles. It is so nice that we are able to start going outside again because it isn't 150 degrees out. They both love to ride their bikes. Maddie also loves to help with the weeds.

We don't have a visitor until October 19th, so almost a month. I'm sure we will be keeping ourselves busy until then.