Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Good Friends, Good Fun

This past weekend we had two of my friends come to visit. Fritz came from Baltimore on Thursday and Anne came from Orlando on Friday. We had lots of fun just talking and hanging out. We did make it to the football game on Friday, but not until the 4th quarter. They lost by 3 points. It was a good fourth quarter and it sounded like it was boring up until then, so it was good we got there late. Wilkes and Steve came over after the game for a couple of beers which I think Phill and Steve needed. (They both coach football)

Saturday was college football, so Anne and I left the boys home with the girls. We ran some errands and did a little shopping. Fritz was quite devastated with Michigan, since that is his team. So of course we gave him a hard time the rest of the evening. We went to Harris County since Fritz has never had real Texas BBQ and we know that Anne loves the place too. Saturday night we played some games, Phill and Shelly stopped by after a wedding they were at, Steve and his roommate Matt came over also.

Sunday we headed to Sunday school, church and then back home to watch the Cubs/Astros. A guy I went to college with that Fritz is good friends with was visiting Houston, so him and his wife came over for dinner and some exciting games of Imagine If and Battle of the Sexes. Again Steve came over; do you see a pattern here?

Both Anne and Fritz left on Monday. Anne was here until the afternoon, so her and I just hung out with the girls and ran some errands. It was a great weekend and I was so glad to have them both here. We did lots of talking and lots of laughing. It had been three years since I last saw Fritz and so we realized how fast time can go and how awesome it is to have friends like we do.

So this post is for Anne and Fritz (even though he hardly reads my blog) thanks for being such great friends. I don't know when the next time I will get to see either of them, but when I do I know that we will just pick up where we left yesterday.