Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Weekend Getaway

This past weekend the four of us took a short drive over to San Antonio to visit with the Truwe's. They moved down here in July and so we thought that it was about time we paid them a visit. We left Friday after school and made pretty good time. We stopped about half way for dinner and then were back on the road. When we got there Naomi was in bed, but not sleeping so she decided to get up and play for a little while. We finally got all the girls to sleep and the adults talked for a little while.

Saturday morning we slept in and then headed to the park. There was everything at this park, even a really big metal slide that Maddie went down once, but even she thought it was too fast. In the afternoon everyone got their naps in. We ate a wonderful dinner and after dinner Jamie and I left the boys to attend to bedtime. Jamie had gotten tickets to a synchronized swimming show that a member of their church was in. It was pretty impressive. It was a little hard to see because you were at the same level as the pool, so you couldn't see the formations. I had a good time. When we got home the girls were in bed and the guys were watching baseball.

Sunday morning we headed to church to hear Greg preach and then it was lunch and we were off. We made very good time on the way home. Only making one stop, just for something to drink. We headed over to the Wilke's to hang out and for pizza. Maddie liked taking Sam for a walk in the backyard and Emma liked it when Sam gave her kisses. We finally headed home and the girls were ready for bed.

This week we have been to the playground and are looking forward to going over to Sommermeyer's for trick or treating tonight. I will make sure to put some pictures up as soon as I can. It has been cool (75-no humidity) and so we have enjoyed having the windows open and the breeze coming through.

We have things going on for the next few weekends, so that will make the time go quick. Rah-rah and Bumpa Heff will be here in less than three weeks. Maddie is already looking forward to that visit. We will be heading up to Minnesota the first weekend in December for the Vikings/Lions game (while the girls stay in Dallas with Great Aunt Kathy), then we will have just a few weeks and we will be heading home for Christmas. It will come quick, but I am already getting ready for that.

Happy Reformation Day and have a little candy for Halloween.