Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Rodeo Houston

Monday morning I got a call at about 8:30am from Rita asking me if I wanted to go to the Rodeo and Tim McGraw concert. She was given tickets and couldn't use them, so she offered them to Chad and he said yes. I was on a mission to find a babysitter and see if anyone else wanted to go. So I called Shelly left a message and then realized that they had the winter sports banquet, so that meant a lot of people were going to be out.

We were up at school showing Greg, Jamie and Naomi the school. They were in town for a baptism. So I started working on the babysitting part. We knew that Michael could stay over, but he had to work and so he couldn't get here until 8:30ish. We needed to find someone from about 6:30-8:30. We asked a couple people and everyone had something. I was starting to think that I wasn't going to get to go, but finally we found a senior girl who offered to babysit. At that point it was just Chad and I going. We headed home for naps and to get ready. We went back to school to pick up Chad at about 5:15 and he said that Kim and Andrew were going to join us and so the four of us went and had a great time.

We got there about 7:45, saw barrel races, bull riding, chuck wagon races, calf scramble, and of course Tim McGraw. The concert only lasted about an hour, but it was a good one. There were some older gentlemen sitting next to us and it was cute to see them dancing along to Tim McGraw. Then it was on to the adventure of getting home. We had taken a shuttle down and now had to wait in line to get back. It was like waiting in line at Great America, weaving and always seeing the same people. It was a long line, but it went pretty quick. We were almost to the end and over in a different shuttle line there was this girl who was so drunk she was making the biggest fool of herself. The four of us just stood there watching and laughing. I even had to take a picture of her. So we finally got home about 12:30, the girls sleeping in their beds, Michael sleeping on the couch and us just ready to crash.

Chad got Michael out the door and to school in time for him to get to their choir contest and the girls and I have just been hanging out today. I figured today is a good day to get laundry and other stuff done around the house.

This weekend is another baseball tournament. Thursday's game is at 1:45, Friday will all depend on if they win or lose. They could play twice on Friday, so we will have to play it all by ear.

The girls are waiting for their company to come. Everyday Maddie asks me when people are coming. She knows that she has both Janetzke's and Heffelfinger's coming, so she usually asks about someone from either family. Maddie is always coming up with some crazy ideas and there is Emma just following behind.