Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break- Part 2

Well we got the house all cleaned and ready for the first set of visitors. Chad's parents, Ben, Lydia, and Kurt all arrived on Friday evening just in time for pizza and a movie. I think all of them were just thankful to be out of the car. Saturday morning came the Easter Egg Hunt at church. Maddie was ready to go, but it took Emma a little coaxing to have her start the egg hunt. That evening we relaxed by watching NCAA basketball, playing some games, egg dying and visiting. Sunday we did not go to sunrise service, but we were all ready for the 8am in plenty of time. We had some breakfast at church and then we headed home so I could start cooking. The girls had fun looking for their Easter Baskets(they weren't too hard to find). Then they all went to the playground so I could get our meal ready. We didn't have ham, even though I wanted it, but it seems that my husband despises it, so I thought it would be better not to have it. That evening I did get my ham, since Phill and Shelly brought me some leftover from grandma and grandpa Wilke's house. The Wilke boys decided to come over and play some video games with Ben and Kurt, Chad and Mike played too, but didn't do to well. Monday the boys all went golfing while the girls just stayed home and got some laundry done and relaxed. Tuesday Chad had to go back to school, so the rest of us headed to Old McDonald's Farm. We spent the morning petting animals, feeding the animals, taking pony rides, riding the train, and playing on the jungle gyms. I think I even saw Ben, Lydia, and Kurt having a good time. I'm pretty sure I saw some smiles out of them. Tuesday evening we went to Chad's game. It was a long one so grandma, grandpa and aunt Lydia took the girls home, while the boys and I waited for Chad. Wednesday morning I got Ben to the airport by 6:20am, then did some grocery shopping, then Lydia, Kurt and I went up to school for Chapel, which Grandpa J was doing. The Janetzke's left around 11am and the girls and I had a couple of hours before the next round of visitors came.

Some of the pictures are from Spring Break- Part 1.