Monday, March 17, 2008

What have we been up to??

One word: Baseball. That's right baseball season is in full swing. District started this week and the girls and I even managed to go to both games. There should have been three, but Tuesday's had gotten canceled because of all the rain we had on Monday. If you would have looked outside on Tuesday you would have never thought that the game would be canceled, but there was standing water everywhere on the field. Thursday we headed down to Lutheran North. The Crusaders lost 2-1. There was one very bogus call at the plate. Tyler slid into home, hit is with his hand, the catcher lost the ball, Tyler stood up and touched it with his foot, the catcher got the ball back, tagged him and the ump called him out. I thought Chad was going to get thrown out, but he had every right to be upset. Friday came and this time they played Northland at home, I'm pretty sure that most of the boys were already thinking about Spring Break, they lost 6-1, it also didn't help that they had 6 errors.

So yes baseball is upon us and this week there is practice today, suppose to play two games tomorrow (there is an 80% chance of rain), a workout on Wednesday and then 4 days of no baseball.

So what else keeps us busy this time of year, well all the playing we have to do outside, potty training, yard work, getting ready for visitors, and just the normal everyday life here in our house.

We usually get outside everyday for a walk and to play at the playground. On Saturday we got out to the Zoo. It was a beautiful 85 degrees out. It was a little crowded, but I think more of the crowd was just at the park, since there is a new train that can take you through the park that the Zoo is in. Maddie told me that she wants to take Ben and Sam to the Zoo while they are here, I'm pretty sure that if I let her, she would go to the Zoo everyday.

Potty training has begun for real and Maddie is doing well. We have one week under our belt and so for so good. She is just wearing pull-ups right now, but she doesn't usually put up too much of a fit when she has to sit on the potty. She loves to put her sticker on her chart after she has gone and every couple of times she gets a couple of pennies, she loves coins right now. We will keep working at it. She actually used the bathroom at North the other night, so that was pretty impressive.

Yard work- we are almost done with what I want to be done with for now. We have cleared out all the bushes and extra stuff and now we are just putting in what we want. Our yard is easy to take care of which I think for now is what suits us.

This week our to-do list is about three pages long since it is spring break, but we also have house guests starting on Friday and until the 31st. Chad's parents, Lydia, and Kurt will be making the drive on Thursday and Friday. They will be here for Easter and then be heading up to Dallas next Wednesday. My parents, Amy, Joel, and the boys will be flying in that same day and be here until the 31st. We are looking forward to having everyone here and I'm thinking that they are looking forward to some warmer weather.

Both the girls are growing and talking more. Emma is just trying to keep up with Maddie. I'm pretty sure she is ganging on her. She tries to say and do everything that we are all doing. She is a pretty typical little sister. She still has some dramaness, but it is getting better. We don't have as many screams of death in the day. She is starting to just fight back when Maddie is annoying her.

Maddie is starting to use her imagination more and starting to take things more literal. She also loves to tell you everything. Like the other day she informed me that Target is red and Wal-Mart is blue. Yesterday we were leaving Sunday School and I told her we were going to cut through the pavilion and she asked me if she could use the blue scissors. She loves to play dress-up and rock her baby dolls, but she still can leave a ring of dirt in the bathtub.

Emma actually going down the slide the right way

Maddie just hanging out at the playground

Our little Texan cowgirls

Maddie decided that the floor was more comfortable than her bed

Maddie is ready to go shopping, don't worry I don't let her out of the house like that

Cool Emma in cool shades