Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break- Part 3

So our two hours between visitors went quickly and the girls and I got in the car and headed to the airport. Neither of them made it there without falling asleep. We met grandma and aunt Amy at the baggage claim to pick them and the bags up. Then we went over and met grandpa, uncle Joel, Ben and Sam at the car rental place. We headed toward the house and grabbed some lunch. After we got home and semi-settled, we went up to school to get Chad and to play on the big baseball field. Sam was in seventh heaven having "that guy" (Phill) pitch him the ball and him run around the bases. Ben and Maddie just had fun playing in the dirt. We headed home and had a quiet evening. Thursday we all went down to the Zoo. It seemed as if everyone had a good time and by the lack of sound in the cars on the way home it was confirmed. That evening Joel, Amy and I went to Chad's game while grandma and grandpa stayed home and watched a movie with the kiddos. Friday the three older girls headed out for a little shopping while the boys headed to the playground to play, eat lunch and then put them down for naps. After naps we headed down to Lutheran South for yet another baseball game (do you see why our life is all baseball). The Saders pulled out a victory and once again Sam got to play a little on the big field. We got home in time for the massacre of Michigan State, I don't think Chad would have taken it so easy if they would have lost their baseball game. Saturday grandma, grandpa, Emma, Ben, and Maddie headed to the German Heritage Festival in Tomball(really to just ride the rides) while the rest of us headed to the Tigers/Astros game. It was not a good weekend for Michigan sports team in Houston. Sunday we went to church, then of course to Aviator's for lunch, the boys had their fantasy baseball draft and then we went to Harris County for dinner. Shelly and Phill met up with us also. Amy, Shelly, and I took a quick trip to Target across the street and then it was home. This morning dad and Joel took Chad to school and then to Harris County for breakfast (Joel's 3rd breakfast there this trip) and then they will be heading to the airport later this morning. We have a couple of days to get the house in order, to pack, and to just get ready to go to Wisconsin on Thursday.

Some of these pictures of from Spring Break- Part 2. (All our pictures started blending together)