Friday, June 06, 2008

Maddie's Birthday

So Maddie is three- can you believe it?? We did some celebrating yesterday, but her party isn't until tomorrow. Yesterday we headed to the Nuk Store (aka Toys R' Us) to trade out nuks in for a toy. She had been talking about getting a robot for the longest time- we even found one, but she decided she didn't want it. We walked up and down every aisle and finally giving her a 10 more minute warning she picked out the Tika elephant (it's a Barbie toy) with 4 minutes to go. We headed to the checkout where she handed over her two nuks (in a plastic bag) for her toy. I had to do a little explaining to the lady, but she thought it was a good idea. Maddie handed her nuks over pretty easily and walked out with her toy.

After the nuk store we headed over to ITZ (just like Stone Fire Pizza- if you don't know what that is- it is like an upscale Chuck E Cheese with better food). Maddie had fun playing the games and riding the rides. Of course Emma was also in on the action. We headed home in time for our naps. Maddie did ask for her nuk, but after just a few minutes she was sleeping.

After dinner the Wilke's came over for cupcakes and to open a few presents. We had gotten a few cards and a present in the mail, we had also gotten her a couple of things and so she enjoyed opening those. Last weekend we also put together the new swing set in the backyard for the girls to share. Okay, I didn't put it together, but the Wilke boys, Chad and Karner did. It took them about 6 hours to put it together and the girls were more than happy to break it in that evening.

Maddie also decided to give herself a birthday haircut. Well she decided her bangs needed to be cut. She did a number on them this time. I figured at least she didn't cut one of her pigtails or her sister's hair. I'm just waiting for that day.

The night concluded with a little crying because she wanted her nuk, but she did fall asleep and didn't wake up during the night looking for it.