Friday, June 06, 2008

New Orleans

Sunday morning after church and lunch we headed on I-10 to New Orleans. We would have made great time, but had about an hour delay in Lake Charles because of construction. We rolled in about 8pm. The girls did great in the car- they napped, watched movies, and stared out the window.

They were excited to see grandma and grandpa and thought that jumping on the bed was lots of fun. We had talked about going to the beach on Monday, but decided against it since that would be more time in the car. So instead we headed out and just did some walking. We hit the Riverwalk, the girls got to ride on the ferry over to Algiers and back, we went down to the French Market where they both got some beads, took the trolley back to the Riverwalk for lunch, back to the hotel to swim, and then we took a little ride out to Camp Restore. We took the round about way and got to see some of the city and the damage that is still there from Katrina. That evening Chad and I went out for dinner and some beignets.

Tuesday morning we got packed up and headed out to the Zoo.

They had a very nice zoo and the girls were loving it. We headed toward to airport to get some lunch and then to drop grandpa off at the airport. Then the rest of us headed back to Houston.