Thursday, June 26, 2008


Water seems to be the fun of choice for us lately. The last couple of weeks we have been out and about a bit. Last Thursday we headed to Chad's baseball game. It is the prep team aka JV- they are all played at the same place and there is a playground there, so we decided to go. The girls had fun even though Maddie asked about 10 times where Hannah is (I guess she thinks baseball games equals Hannah to play with). We only went away with one casualty. Emma fell going down the steps, luckily her hands hit first and she just ended up with a scraped nose. After the game we headed over to Odinga's. We ordered pizza and played some Euchre. In case grandma Bickel is wondering Steve and I won. The girls were enjoying playing with the dogs and didn't even make it out of the subdivision before they were sleeping.

Friday we hung out at home, did some laundry and the like. Around lunch time we headed down to the Schneider's house. They live down by Lutheran South, which is down by NASA. We hung out for awhile and then headed out to the lake to go out on their boat. Emma wasn't so sure about the boat while it was moving, but when we anchored and just hung out she was a much happier camper. Maddie was ready to jump in right away, Emma hesitated but then didn't want to come back into the boat. I decided that I was best served staying on the boat. On the way back to the dock Maddie got to drive the boat. She still isn't so sure about how to do it, but she thought it was pretty cool. We ate some dinner with them and then it was time to head home.

The rest of the weekend was a pretty normal one around here. Sunday we set up the little pool with our swing set slide in it. Maddie was having a blast. It was a little too fast for Emma so we would have to put her only about half way up otherwise she would go down too fast. They played for quite awhile out there and were just laughing the whole time.

This week is VBS. I think that Maddie is enjoying herself. She is all geared up to go every morning. Monday Emma and I dropped her off. Her teachers are kids from Concordia- so that helps. When we left on Monday it was Emma who cried because we left Maddie behind. Tuesday and Wednesday there were some tears. Today she didn't cry, but needed to make sure that dad went with her to crafts and then she was fine.

It is raining pretty good right now, so I don't think we are going to get outside this afternoon. We will have to see what we can do otherwise.

Nothing too pressing this weekend. I'm sure I will be getting ready for us to leave next Wednesday- we are looking forward to our trip.