Sunday, July 05, 2009

6 Years- 60 Years

UPDATED: With pictures from 4th of July and Summerfest

So today Chad and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary, we went to Summerfest with the girls, Amy, Ben, Sam, Alan, Tracie, Kate, Ella, grandpa H, and grandma H. We had some good food to eat and just walked around. When we got home I started packing the car for Little Bickel camp in Michigan tomorrow and Chad was getting ready to go to basketball practice. We are leaving tomorrow around 7am and hoping to make it to Michigan in the early afternoon. We will be there until Friday morning. Wednesday we will be celebrating grandma and grandpa Bickel's 60th wedding anniversary. There will be music and I'm sure lots of laughs. We are going to spend Friday afternoon and evening with the Heidens. They are getting ready for their third little guy to make an appearance. We will go out to Lansing for the night and then make a stop by great grandma J's.

What else has been going on. Last week the 22nd-26th was VBS for Maddie. I thought that that would also be a great time to start potty training Emma. After taking the first couple of days slow, she decided she was going to just go cold turkey. She usually wakes up dry even after sleeping 12 hours. We still put a pull-up on just in case. She got up about an hour ago because she had to go. I think she was still sleeping, but went to the bathroom and crawled back into bed. The same week of VBS- which by the way Maddie just loved. If I could find a VBS for her to go to every week, she would- Chad has basketball camps. He had one in the morning and then another in the afternoon. So there were a couple of long days last week, but it wasn't too bad. We headed to the Brewers game on Friday night- it was Chad, myself, Maddie, grandpa, and Lilly. It was a good game and Maddie was just happy that Bernie got to go down the slide.

This past week we had a pretty normal week. Chad had speed and strength on Monday and Tuesday. Monday the girls, grandpa, and I went down to Summerfest for Kid's Fest. We met up with Carter, Max, and Owen, of course their mommy too. Wednesday Amy, Ben, and Sam came to go to the Brewers game. They spent the night and so we all had some fun that night. We went to go see Ice Age 3 on Thursday morning. We dropped Lilly off by the Jantezke's and then after we went back there and hung out for the evening. Chad got some twilight golf in and then also him and Kurt played 18 on Friday morning. Friday was trying to get some things ready for Michigan. I got to meet up with Barkley who was in town for a strongman competition at Summerfest on Saturday. We watched the fireworks on TV and then I headed home. Saturday morning we went up to Freistadt for their 4th of July service. The girls wanted to stay for the parade and the games, but we would have had to wait about 2 hours. So we grabbed lunch and then it was off to the house for the day and then to watch the Germantown fireworks. We have had some late nights the last few nights, so tonight the girls went to bed early. I am also hoping that they are still catching up with sleep and will nap a little while in the car tomorrow. I can't believe that this weekend was already the 4th of July. When we get back we have something almost every weekend, so I know that it will make the second half of summer go by really quick. Here are some pics from the last couple of weeks.

This past week Michael started at West Point. He had to report on Monday. So right now he is going through all his basic training and what they call Beast. We are thinking about him often and just pray for his safety. Maybe it is me getting older or just being a mom, but it seemed that with him being there- Independence Day meant a whole lot more. It seemed to me that it was a little more special knowing that he was at West Point.