Thursday, July 30, 2009

1/2 Birthdays

After Anne and Fritz headed to Chicago- we spent the afternoon just hanging out and resting. Friday night we went to the Zoo for the evening. They have this during the summer for Zoo members. Uncle Kurt joined us for the evening too.

Saturday morning Chad and the girls headed to the library. The big news from the library was that there was a Lion there- someone dressed up as one. Emma of course was not happy, but still came home wanting to go back to the library. While they were at the library, Lilly and I ran some errands and did a little shopping. We were gone most the morning and afternoon. Grandma Heff was in Boston all weekend for a conference for a new study. We met up with Grandma J for dinner to give uncle Kurt back. Sunday we headed to early church- we were one of the few families there. Then after church it as down to O'Hare to pick Grandma Heff up and then over to the ChiHeffs(my brother Alan and sister-in-law Tracie, Kate, and Ella) for Kate and Ella's 1/2 birthday parties. The girls birthdays are close to Chritmas, so they never really get a birthday party so Tracie thought that having one in summer would be better anyways. Chad, myself, Maddie, Kate and Ella went to go visit Alan at the Rock Shop.

Maddie was shopping for a Van Morrison album. Uncle Alan came through and we got that record and a couple others for G and G J's house. Chad even got a couple Bill Cosby cd's. We spend the afternoon hanging in the backyard playing in the sand, eating very yummy food, and some awesome cakes. The girls opened their presents and it looked like a tornadoe went through the house will all the gifts. Ella also got an American Girl Bitty Baby from Grandma Heff.

Kate was a little disappointed that she didn't get a doll, so Monday morning Grandma Heff ordered one for Kate and Maddie. Maddie and Kate both had babies on Thursday. Maddie was so confused about it coming in the mail- because she kept insisting that babies come from your tummy and she was way to young to have a baby. The rest of the week was just hanging out and waiting for Thursday.