Monday, July 27, 2009

Anne and Fritz

So Anne and Fritz were here for Lilly's baptism back in May, May 24th to be exact. Fritz had taken a call to the same school as Anne and was in the process of getting ready to move down to Florida. The following weekend Anne headed to Baltimore for one last weekend there before Fritz moved- that weekend Fritz proposed to Anne. It was very hard for me to keep it to myself the whole weekend before. I knew that he had bought a ring and was planning on proposing that following weekend. So he was in a wedding the beginning of July, they drove down to FL and then decided to take a road trip with a stop back here in Milwaukee. They got here on Tuesday- we met them after tennis for some dinner- it was fun to just sit and talk and catch up.

Wednesday the girls were happy so see Anne in the morning- it took a little longer to warm up to Fritz. Chad headed to school for speed and strength and we got ready to head to the library for story time. Anne did such a great job that she got to go to Kopp's for lunch and custard.

We met up with Chad and then it was home to celebrate Emma's birthday after dinner. We had a little celebration the week before at camp, but we wanted to celebrate with G and G Heff. They got her an American Girl Bitty Baby- Emma was in heaven. G and G J was there too- it actually happened to be uncle Kurt's birthday that day- so we made sure we had a cake for him too. He didn't have to share Emma's princess cake, but got a Detroit Tigers cake (it was for him and Chad). Emma played with her doll until it was bedtime and then of course took it to bed with her. We were planning a day at the Zoo Thursday, so we wanted to be well rested.

Thursday we were off to the zoo, the girls were pulling Anne and Fritz in every direction. They didn't know what direction they wanted to go, so we went in all of them. We had a minor incedent with the Tiger coming way to close to the glass for Emma's liking. We ran into our neighbors and also a girl from Maddie's class. The boys headed to Germantown to drop Emma off at G and G J's for the night and they went off to golf nine holes. Anne, Lilly, Maddie, and I spent just a little more time at the zoo. We were then on our way home so Maddie could spend the night over at my aunt Susie's house.

With Emma up in Germantown and Maddie over at my aunt's house, we decided to leave Lilly with grandpa and head out to dinner. A night out with adult conversation. We went to Fiesta Garibaldi as many of you will remember as the place of the mole incident of 2004 for Chad. That was the night of mom and dad's surpirse anniversary party. So after dinner no one could decide what to do or where to go, so we went to Rounding Third and had a couple drinks while watching the Brewers. We were home pretty early, but still had a fun night out. Uncle Kurt was dropped off a little after we got home by uncle Ben since they were in Madison for the Mallards game.

In the morning we headed out to breakfast before Anne and Fritz were on their way to Chicago. Chad had to take Kurt up to Germantown for his baseball game, but then they were back so we could head to the zoo in the evening. Anne and Fritz were on their way about noon and I had a couple hours to myself while waiting for Maddie to get home from Susie and Kip's. It was so great to have Anne and Fritz here. I am honored to be a part of their wedding and can't wait to see them again. I have been given a free pass to go see Anne in either Florida or New York before the wedding to help her with some planning or the like. Good thing that Southwest is starting to fly out of Milwaukee beginning in November.