Monday, July 13, 2009

Michigan 2009

I can't believe we have been back for almost a week. It seems like we have never stopped going. So here is our Michigan Adventure. We headed out Monday morning, we met up with grandma and grandpa J, Kendra, and Kurt in Oak Creek and were on our way to Michigan. The next stop we made was at the Michigan welcome center. The girls loved being able to get out of the car and stretch their legs on the playground they have there. We drove on- them not being too wild and stopped for lunch. We ended up getting to Hartland, where the camp is around 4pm Michigan time. The girls were real happy to be out of the car and instantly took to Molly and Audrey. Lilly got passed around and Chad and I unloaded the car and got everything set up. She got to meet most of the family right away. We spent the next few days playing, talking, laughing, and having fun. We stayed until Friday morning, there were a few other families there, but most everyone else left on Thursday afternoon. In the evening on Thursday we celebrated Emma's birthday- the Heiden's came out to the camp and so Ben and Chad took Matt, Nick, and Maddie swimming in the lake. Emma got to open a few presents and of course loved all the Barbie stuff.

Friday morning we loaded up the car and headed over to the Tyler's house. Randy and Drue were there and the girls got to swim in the pool with Chad and uncle Ben. Christina and I were just happy to be able to take a shower with hot water since there was none at camp. Christina and Ben headed down to the Tigers game and we headed over to the Heiden's. The kids went right to playing and we then headed out to Red Robin for dinner. We got some ice cream at the Dairy Twist on the way home and then it was home for a little playing and bed. Sarah and I got to talk for awhile and it is always so nice to talk with her and just be relaxed. Saturday morning Ben made pancakes for all the kids and then we were on our way to Lansing to visit with great grandma Janetzke. She took us out to Wendy's for lunch, since it was Chad's 30th birthday and all. We drove out to the new Our Savior Church. We didn't get a chance to go inside, but the girls loved the playground they had and it looks beautiful from the outside. We stopped by grandma Brown's house to say hello and let her see the girls. She was getting ready for two weeks up north with her family and then the celebration of her 97th birthday. We stopped quickly over at grandma and grandpa Bickel's to feed Lilly and get the girls changed. We were on our way back to Milwaukee. We had to make a stop at a rest area in Indiana where the girls still think their toys from the car are in the garbage can there. As soon as we had a little talk and were on our way the girls zonked hard. Maddie didn't wake up until right at the Skyway and Emma was still sleeping when we stopped at the Oasis for dinner. After a quick bite to eat we got our pj's on and finished the last hour of the trip. We were home about 10 and were in bed right away.

Sunday we were planning on taking it easy, but figured the vacation laundry could wait so Chad and I took Maddie and Emma to the Brewers game. Our trip to Michigan was great and I think we will be back Labor Day weekend for Chad's cousin's (on the Janetzke side) wedding. We will hopefully get a chance to meet the new Heiden boy- Aaron James was born on Wednesday.

Camp 09 was great- I got to talk to some cousins who I usually don't get a chance too. Chad did a great job leading the devotions. Grandma and grandpa's anniversary celebration was great- everyone who sang did a great job. I am already looking forward to camp in a couple of years. The girls will be a little older and I think that they will start to enjoy and appreciate it more. It is neat to see everyone get just a little bit older and wiser.