Sunday, November 07, 2004

Basketball Can Be A Long Season...

Well we had our first scrimmage on yesterday for basketball. It was quite an interesting experience. We scrimmaged against two of the larger public schools around here. It was Magnolia and Waller. They both have like 2000 kids in their schools and both have freshman teams, so that means their JV teams have been playing together for a year, where we have been playing together for 3 weeks. I was proud of my girls, they did hold their own, even through the cursing and threatening of beatings from other girls. It was a good experience for them and I think that they learned a lot. I also thought we did rather well considering I have nine girls, eight of who can play (the other is both ineligible and not at the skill level as the other girls). I mean her dad has already come and talked to me yesterday about the treatment of her from the other girls. I have to say that if I was on her team, I wouldn't be as nice as the girls are being to her. Chad got a run for his money yesterday too. He came with me, because either the JV coaches were suppose to ref on our off games or bring someone to ref for them. So I brought Chad, well the refs they had for Varsity never showed up, so he had to do all of the Varsity games, which were 6- 30 minutes running clock games. Let's just say he was pretty tired at the end of the day. He did however manage enough strength to go to the Texas vs. Oklahoma State game in Austin with Pete. He said that it was a really good time and that it was cool to be at a game like that. That did mean however, he got home late and was not a fun person this morning when it was time to go to church. This week brings on our first basketball game. I think that we will do fairly well, we have improved just in the last week. Next weekend I think we are actually free. I think that the football team made it to districts and I think they play at home, so I guess we would probably be going to that. I hope that everyone had a great weekend. We are looking forward to our company at Thanksgiving and really looking forward to coming home for Christmas. I hope everyone has a great week.