Saturday, November 20, 2004

With the Rain, Comes My First Win

Well it has basically rained nonstop for the last 3 days and it is suppose to keep going for 2 more. It is nice to think that if we were up north, this would all be snow. We would for sure not have had school yesterday, if it was all snow. When it rains here, people start driving like it's 2 feet of snow, then you also have all the trucks who think that can zoom by you and a mile down the road, they are the ones in the ditch. The rain also makes work drag on too, because then that means that we can't take our kids outside and that can make for a long day. Well enough about the rain.

Tuesday and Thursday this week, we had games. Tuesdays game was at the all-girls catholic school, think DSHA, but not as nice facilities. We got our butts kicked, because we can't play defense. We are getting better, but it is still a long way to go. Thursday was the first home game against Lutheran South. That we played well and came out with the win. It was 29-12. We played a lot better defense and that helped a lot. Now we don't play again until the 30th. Our game next week got cancelled, so that means a easy week, with only one day of work, practice Monday, off Tuesday (basketball and work) and then we will have practice on Friday morning.

I am beginning our preparations for Thanksgiving. I am a little nervous, I know that something will go wrong, but what are you going to do. Adam is coming down tomorrow for the Packers/Texans game. Then Chad just has two days of school this week. He is really looking forward to the break. He will then just have two weeks of class and a week of finals before Christmas break. Today we are going downtown with Diane (another teacher) she is taking us, and her student teacher out for dinner and to see some Houston things. She has been meaning to take us for awhile, but it has been busy, because she is the volleyball coach, so that should be fun tonight. Not too much else going on here. Just trying to survive until Christmas. Got a few presents bought. Christa and I went to the mall on Tuesday and I found some good deals. Chad still hasn't started his shopping, but he has some ideas that he has for people. So it is just a matter of getting him to the mall to get them. I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Don't eat too much.