Saturday, November 27, 2004

The First Texas Thanksgiving

Well it has come and passed, the first Texas Thanksgiving, and it was good. It all started out with no school on Wednesday and just enjoying a day off from everything. Chad took the car to get an oil change and to get it inspected for new license plates and found out we needed some brakes, so we took car of that and it is running great. We went to church on Wednesday night, sorry no Lyle Lovett. Then we just relaxed the rest of the evening. Thursday morning came quickly and we were getting ready to start preparing and the Minnesotans arrived. They left Eagan at 1:15pm on Wednesday and got here at 9:30am on Thursday. They had an extra person with them and had to take her to Sugarland which is on the complete opposite side of Houston from us, so they actually arrived at our apartment at about 10:45. We started the day with going on a tour of Concordia, which Chad so wonderfully made the alarm go off, but don't worry we had it under control. Then we went back to finish cooking. Everything was done at about 3:30 and we ate. I was told that the turkey was good, but of course I didn't eat anything. I was proud of myself for cooking the whole meal and nothing went wrong. We had the four northerners, Pete, and Becky (a teacher from CLHS) over for dinner. It was amazing that everyone had a place to sit and eat. Dave (another teacher from CLHS) came over later and we played some dominos and the boys were playing video games (Jay brought his X-Box). We turned early, because everyone was tired. I had basketball in the morning and it was okay, only 6 girls were there. The rest of the day we just hung out at the house, watching tv, playing video games and napping. We ventured out to have some BBQ for dinner and Harris County Smokehouse. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, especially Jay when dared to eat a green chile and he did. We went bowling after for 2 games and then home to play Phase 10 until 2am. Today was much more relaxed, but soon it was time for the northerners to head back home. They left here about 2pm and were on their way back north, hoping to be inbetween both storms coming through. We had nice weather all week. It finally has stopped raining and it is about 70. Tonight Chad and I are looking to just relax and clean up a little bit and then it will be back to work on Monday. Only 3 weeks and we will be home fro Christmas. Chad has two weeks of classes and then finals and so that means that I actually only have 8 and a half days of work. Basketball will keep me busy for three weeks. We finally get to play on Tuesday this week after having two weeks of no games. We are looking forward to the break coming up again and hoping to see most of you while in Wisconsin.