Thursday, October 27, 2005

Are you an Aggie or Longhorn?

This a true story...

Tonight was the JV football game against North (our rivals). Side note, we won 41-7. That was the only touchdown they scored all year. Sorry Pete I have to rub it in, you do every other time. So I got out to the game late, we had practice until 7. Chad was out there with Maddie and some of the other teachers. We were talking and watching and you see all the little brothers and sisters of the high schoolers playing with each other. Running around wild or throwing the football around. So we were all engaged in our conversation and two boys are sitting near by. One was a little chubby and eating some chile (since you know it got down to 55). The other boy was dead serious and asked the chile kid "are you an Aggie or Longhorn". Chile kid looked at him and said proudly "UT". The other kid looked at him and sadly said "Oh, I like the Aggies" and walked away.

I was thinking about this and it is kind of like being either a Cubs or Sox fan. Yankees or Red Sox. Michigan or Michigan State. Duke or UNC. You cannot cross over. Do you actually think Cub fans were rooting for the Sox, heck no. They were hoping they lost. That is how A&M and UT are. Chad and I have decided that we cannot decide who we want to root for. That is going to have to by Maddie's decision since she was actually born here. I am going with A&M because the people we are with the most are Aggies.

Just a thought about how much sports influence our lives, well at least our lives here. We are always defending our Brewers or Tigers, even though we know that it may be a long time before they are ever in the Series. Maddie has already become accustomed to watching Sportscenter and Game Day on Saturday for football. Well I don't see it as a total bad thing, but I just want you to think about how much sports are in our lives.


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