Sunday, October 16, 2005

Can the 'stros pull it out???

That seems to be the burning question here in Houston. I'm not sure, but I am told by both my mom and my husband that I should be rooting for the Astros and not the Cardinals. Chad thinks it is the right thing to do, since we do live here. My mom is still holding a grudge against the Cards from 1982. I guess I would too, if I could remember the series in '82. Me being 3 and all doesn't do anything for my memory. That is what we are consumed with here and that is watching all the band-wagon fans actually behind their team.

This past weekend we went to the Tomball Homecoming game. They played it on Saturday, which was odd. They lost in double overtime. They were playing Jersey Village. We got there right before half-time (we had to finish watching the Michigan State game). Maddie had fun just watching everyone and listening to the marching bands.

Tomorrow is the big day. Basketball starts. It sure doesn't feel like basketball season. I think that that is all because of the weather. It is hard to get into a winter sport when it still feels like summer out.

Maddie is doing good. She has a little cold, so that doesn't always make us happy. We are starting to eat solids. This week we have tried sweet potatoes and seem to like them. We have also found our toes and love to put them in our mouth. Her life is going to be flipped upside down too as basketball starts, but she is tough and I'm sure she will survive.


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