Friday, October 21, 2005

Cousin Vs. Cousin

Well the series starts tomorrow and in our family it is one cousin vs. the other. Maddie's cousin Kate lives in Chicago and is a White Sox fan (well at least my brother is- so I am assuming she is too). Then we have Maddie who is living in Tomball and has a spot in her heart for the Astros, but the spots for the Brewers and Tigers are a little bit bigger.

It has been crazy here for the last few days. There are people coming out of the woodwork looking for Astros wear and cheering them on. Don't get me wrong, I will cheer for them in the Series, but I have this feeling deep down in my heart, that I am betraying my Brewers a little bit. I am figuring that the same thing would be happening in Milwaukee if the Brewers got into the series.

Okay, okay enough of baseball. Now let's talk about football. Joel has been here since yesterday morning and is here until Sunday morning. We have already been to two football games and have one more to go. Joel, Maddie, and I walked over to the Tomball JV game last night, then tonight was the Concordia game- we won 46-14, and tomorrow is the Tomball Varsity game in the afternoon. Joel has gotten his share of football, but I'm sure is looking forward to the game tomorrow. Fort Bend Baptist, who we played tonight, also had some ex-NFL players as their coaches, so he thought that was cool. After the game, they dropped Maddie and I off and went out for a little while.

It has been good to have a little bit of a change in our routine, since it is usually just Maddie and I by ourselves during the day. She is still trying new foods. Today we tried some green beans and weren't real impressed with them. She has started squealing and thinks it is funny. She also giggles when she is being tickled. She is starting to sit up by herself for short spurts before she tumbles over.

Basketball has been good. The volleyball team lost last night, so we have full teams on Monday. That means we have 2 weeks with full teams before our first game. Thanksgiving doesn't seem that far away and we are looking forward to Jay and Jill coming to visit and then Christmas, going home to the cold. We can't wait to meet Maddie's new cousin #1 and after we come back after the new year, her new cousin #2 will come soon after.


Pete said...

Awesome to hear maddie is eating different foods...but a word to the wise...SAVE THOSE BABY FOOD JARS, most likely an art teacher very close to you would find a good use for them