Friday, October 14, 2005

Last Weekend Of Freedom

It would seem that our normal routine of being able to be home in the evenings at a reasonable time, is coming to a near end. Okay, a definite end. Like say Sunday. This weekend is our last free weekend before basketball starts. We think we are ready, but we will see what try-outs brings. I have been watching some of the girls in athletic period and I think that it will be interesting to see how they develop through the year. Some of them are not at a level that I would hope they would be at, but they all seem to have a good attitude about it and are willing to correct the things that need correcting. Chad seems eager to start the season and it looking forward to coaching basketball this season. He got to take last year off and so we will see how this year goes.

Other than just preparing for the season, there hasn't been too much going on. The golf outing was on Monday. We woke up to rain and cooler weather, but by the time they all tee-offed, the rain had stopped and they got all 18 holes in. Maddie and I were out there in the morning to help with registration and to get things going, but we then went home when they all went on the course. We had some errands to run and got those done in the afternoon.

The school year seems to be just moving right along and sometimes I can hardly believe that is it already October and basketball season. Christmas will be here before we know it and we will be bearing the cold Wisconsin winter. We are already starting to look at our plans for next summer and it doesn't seem like it is that far away. It is just a few months and baseball season will be here and then it will be summer.

We are looking forward to the next few months, even though we know it will be a challenge with two teams and Maddie to juggle, but we figure with all the help that has been offered, we should have it down to a science in no time. We look forward to Joel spending a few days with us, we are trying to think of some things to do on Saturday, so if you can think of any place in Texas you wan to see, let us know. Then we won't have visitors until Thanksgiving and then it will be home for Christmas. That doesn't seem that far away. That is what makes it easier to make it until then.


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