Friday, April 07, 2006

Going to the Big D

Okay well not the D, but Carrollton, Flower Mound and Arlington. We are heading up to Chad's aunt and uncle's tomorrow after we see a few houses. We will spend the night there and then go to Adam's church in the morning and get to see him. The whole reason for going is because the Tigers are playing the Rangers and so we are heading to the game on Sunday. We were going to buy tickets when we got there and then Adam called yesterday to say to not buy tickets because someone from church came into his office and wanted to know if he wanted to use his tickets for Sunday's game. What a conincidence. That isn't even the best part. The seats are 20 rows up behind home plate. Adam said they are really great seats and is now coming with us. He wasn't going to, but know has decided that he will.

This week has flown by, which is good. Just a few more weeks of baseball. It sounds like Grandma Heff is coming the weekend after Easter. With the Bucks in the playoffs, she will have some time off. We will also be hosting our friend Stephanie and her husband. They are visiting some friends here, but also have to make a stop in the Houston area, so that is exciting. We didn't make it to their wedding last summer with Maddie and so it will be nice to meet her husband. Well Maddie and I have some errands to run before lunch. I'll post some pics from this weekend after we get back.