Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Long Time No Post

Well maybe it hasn't been that long, but I sometimes feel like it has been forever. Not too much new going on here. I sometimes start to think that maybe my life is boring since I don't have interesting stories to tell or funny things to show. Then I realize that maybe my life is okay and sometimes it is good not to have too much to tell. So anyways, here goes.

My sister, Jana, was here last Friday (3/24) and stayed until Wednesday of this week. She was on spring break, but there wasn't too much sun to celebrate. I think she did get to sit out in the sun one of the days she was here. It rained a couple of the days, but we needed it. Didn't do too much, just bummed around and she got to play with Maddie. Chad's game got rained out on Tuesday, so she didn't even get to see any baseball while she was here.

Chad's brother Ben was suppose to then come into town on Thursday, but it didn't end up working out and so we were a little bummed. So this weekend consisted of more house hunting and trying to get the apartment back to "normal" life-aka laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping.

Maddie is starting to take some steps. She isn't real sure about it all, but she keeps getting up and trying some more. She sometimes get herself going and then lands flat on her face. It is hard not to laugh, but she usually does. She is starting to talk all the time, not that anything makes sense, but she is always making some noise. We can't wait to go back to Wisconsin in May and we even get to celebrate her brithday while we are there. We are hoping that she will be walking by then and everyone seems to think so.

Today was nephew's Sam's baptism. We didn't get to be there, but are glad that Sam is part of God's family through his baptism. This week also brought another baby-not another cousin, but our friends' Ben and Sarah had their second baby and it was a boy, Nicholas Benjamin. He is joining his big brother Matthew, who I'm sure will be a great big brother.

We got just a few weeks left of baseball. This week was rainouts all week, so it will be a little more hectic then usual because of squeezing two more games in before district play has to be done. We are hoping that there aren't any more rainouts. The Brewers are going to be in town after Easter and it looks like we will get to go on the 17th. One of the board members at school (also a dad) is actually getting to throw out the first pitch that night too.

That is what is new with us-Just enjoying the weather (80's) and getting ready for all our summer happenings.