Monday, April 10, 2006

The Streaks End...

While in Dallas this weekend, okay let me rephrase that, the reason we went to Dallas this weekend was to see the Rangers/Tigers game. I had metioned to Chad that knowing his luck, Sunday would be the day the Tigers lose and end their winning streak, which by the way, the Brewers were on the same winning streak. So the game was great, the seats were great, the weather was great- how can you beat 80 and sunny. All through the game I was keeping my eye on the scores from around the league and as I was seeing the Brewers putting a big goose egg up on the board each inning, I was beginning to get worried. So back to the Tigers game- they pulled out to an early lead and I think Chad was feeling good about it. So as the Rangers started getting some hits and some runners on, I leaned over to Chad and told him "If the Brewers are going down today, so are the Tigers". As it turned out they both ended their winning streaks yesterday. You figure it has to end sometime. Being a Brewers fan or in Chad's case a Tigers fan, we have been through all the downs and just want some ups. Maybe this is our year- and I don't mean to make it all the way to October, but just to have some ups.

Other weekend news, Friday was baseball for Chad- it didn't turn out as well as he had hoped. Saturday morning brought some more houses. We met with our realtor at about 10 and had 7 houses to look at. We pulled up to the first one and we were really looking forward to seeing this one. She got out of the car and told us that they weren't having any showings until Monday. So that was disappointing, but we are going to see the house this afternoon. With the way things have been going, I know that if we don't get in there today, someone will be in there later this week and buy it. All of the ones we saw were nice homes, some just weren't our style. We then went to one that we figured would be a walk through see it and leave. Well we ended up liking it and it is totally move in ready. We are just waiting to see the house today and if we like this one too, we might have two homes to seriously look at and decide if one of them is for us.

Homes are behind us and we are off to Dallas. The drive was good. It didn't seem to take to long. Maybe we have driven it a few times and so you start to know all the places along the way and feel like you always know where you are. We got up to Carrollton a little later than we planned, but still got to spend the evening with Chad's aunt and uncle. Maddie was entertaining for everyone. Sunday morning we went to Lamb of God, where Adam is. Maddie did a great job waving her palm branch. It was just that she waved it all through the service. After church we went with Adam to get some breakfast and off to the game. If you are ever in the Lewisville area you should go to Ham and Eggs for breakfast. Now I like breakfast foods. This was BREAKFAST. The pancakes (I'm not lying) were bigger than the size of a frisbee. They were hanging over the edge of the plate. They were good too. So then it was off to the game. We got back on the road at about 5pm and were home by 9pm. It was a short trip, but a good one.

This week is a short week of school with Easter, but a packed week of baseball. Three games this week. Today, tomorrow and Thursday. We are just hanging out at home this weekend. I have some stuff we need to do, but nothing too exciting. Then next week is a short week of school with having Monday off, but there is still baseball practice on Monday. Grandma Heff is coming in on Thursday morning and staying until Monday afternoon. Then it will be just about 3 and a half weeks until we are back in Wisconsin.

Well Maddie has finally decided to get out of bed this morning and so it is time for breakfast and to start the day.