Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Homecoming, Here and Gone

Well this weekend was filled to the brim with activities and now it is finally Tuesday morning and I feel like I can slow down. Football on Friday was a lot of fun. Maddie and Emma got to play with Isaac and Faith. We also went to the pep rally at school on Friday afternoon. They had a senior vs. faculty dodgeball game. It was fun to watch and Maddie wanted to join in. The football team won pretty handedly. I think it was something like 30-6. They were playing Lutheran South, which is down by NASA. One of their coaches is Jason Bangert who went to Martin Luther. This is his first call.

After the game Wilke's and Steve came over for a little while. Maddie was up late, because she wanted to wait for dad and uncle Phill to get here. So it was nice that they both decided to sleep late on Saturday morning. I did some grocery shopping and a couple other errands on Saturday. We went and ate dinner with Wilke's minus Michael. We just went to Red Robin, but had a good time. Chad had to chaperone the dance, so he got to spend his evening with his students. He went out with some of the other teachers afterwards and almost got into a bar fight. You will have to ask him about it sometime.

Sunday we headed to church, Sunday school, and once again to eat with the Wilke's. (Do you see a trend here?- we spend a lot of time with them) It was home for naps for the girls and then off to Faith's first birthday party. Maddie loves to play with Isaac. Every week after Sunday school, we walk to the nursery together to get their siblings. Well they go to late church and we go to our car, every Sunday Maddie cries because she has to leave Isaac. She did it at the football game too, because they left after the third quarter. I think she might be a little obsessed with Isaac. So all day he kept saying Isaac's house. So when we finally got there she was in heaven. She had a short crying spell when we were getting ready to leave, but got over it pretty quickly.

After the party, once again Wilke's and Steve came over for the Packers/Bears game. Well earlier in the day Chad had dropped the remote into a cup of water, so we were having issues with the remote. We finally had to call and they are sending us a new remote. For now we have an antenna attached in the living room and cable in our room. Of course we were all giving Chad a hard time all evening. Good thing Sunday Night Football is on NBC.

Yesterday it was nice to have Chad home in the morning for a bit. He left in the later morning for the golf outing. So the girls and I ran to Wal-Mart for diapers and then home to play. I had a MOPS meeting last night and had to call Shelly to come over for about a half hour because Chad, Phill, and Michael were running late.

So here we are on Tuesday morning, finally ready to start the week. Chad has a half day on Friday, so that will be nice. Tomorrow he is going to A&M for their fall ball game. Thursday Christian has a home football game and there is also a home volleyball game. At least on Friday football is away, so we can just hang out at home.

A week from Friday Grandma Heff is coming. Maddie keeps saying "raPublish Post-ra Maddie's house". Which means that ra-ra is coming to Maddie's house. So I think that Maddie getting excited to see grandma.

Here are just a few pictures from Friday night. Emma finishing off Kim's Starbucks

Maddie, Issac, and Faith playing with Dora instead of watching the game