Monday, October 22, 2007

Pumpkin Farm

Well Ra-ra has been here and gone. It was a fun weekend all around and I'm glad that grandma could come and visit. Friday she got in about 4 hours earlier than we thought she was going to. She was able to get on a earlier flight and so we headed up to school for the football game. We all watched about half of it and she took the girls home. I think that is the most football I watched all season.

Saturday was the pumpkin farm in the morning. We took some pictures, rode the hayride, picked out a couple pumpkins, headed out for some lunch and then home for naps. Chad and I started to get ready for the dinner auction and then headed up to hang out with friends early. Grandma and the girls were armed with pizza and some games.

We had a really great time at the auction, probably stayed out too late than we should have, but it was worth the fun.

Sunday we did manage to get to late church and then back home for a nap. Maddie, Grandma and I headed out for some groceries and then we all went out to dinner. After we got home we carved our pumpkins. I tried to make a Brewers logo that I got off the Brewers website, but I messed it up and just ended up with a old fashioned jack-o-lantern. Chad is still hoping to make his a Detroit Tigers pumpkin. Today was cold, like 55 degrees cold. It was rainy too. We did a little shopping with grandma, ate lunch, and then off to the airport. Both the girls fell asleep on the way there. When Maddie woke up, she did ask where ra-ra was. I told her she had to go back to bumpa's house. Maddie said okay and went back to sleep.

It was a quick weekend, but her and bumpa will be back for Thanksgiving. So we can't wait to see them in just about 4 weeks.

It finally feels like fall here and I couldn't be happier. We are heading over to San Antonio this weekend to hang out with the Truwe's.

Here are a few pictures from the auction.

Steve, Chad, and Phill at dinner

Sarah, Kim, and I hanging out before the dinner

Andrew, Jeff, Steve, and Chad at the end of the night