Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Zoo, Football, and a Flood

Well we have had quite the weekend again. We thought that this weekend was going to be slow, boy were we wrong. Saturday morning we headed down to the zoo and had a great time. Maddie loves looking for all the animals and when she sees them she announces "there they are". The animals were actually out since it wasn't so hot. The last time we were there, they were all hiding because of the heat. We checked out all the animals, ate some lunch, played in the Children's zoo, rode the carousel, had some ice cream and headed home. We got to the zoo a little after 10 and were leaving at about 2. Neither of the girls made it to the stoplight to get out of the zoo parking lot before they were sleeping. I think that meant they had a good time.

Sunday was a lazy day. We went to church, Sunday school, played on the playground while waiting for Phill, Shelly, Mike, and Christian, and then when to lunch with them. Maddie was tired enough to fall asleep on Chad at the table. After we got home, not too much else happened. Maddie even wanted to change back into her pajamas, so we let her. She has also been having to wear socks because she likes to chew on her toes and sometimes she makes them bleed. She is so weird. She keeps the socks on, so that is a good thing.

Monday was the start to another week. We went to the playground in the morning and Maddie just wanted to swing the whole time. She didn't want to go down the slide or anything, just swing. It was a good thing we went in the morning, because at about 2:45 it started raining, actually pouring, it didn't stop until after 6pm. I called Chad about 4:15 and told him to come home now if he wanted to get home. Our street was flooded, the water ended up coming all the way up to the tree in our front yard, which is probably about 2 feet from the sidewalk. Chad didn't realize how bad it was and was glad that I called him. About 5 minutes after he got home a car pulled into our driveway and I thought it was Steve, but it was someone who didn't want to float down the street. Chad went out to the car to make sure she was alright. We invited her in to wait it out. She is a Early Childhood Special Ed. teacher at the elementary school here in our subdivision, she is a first year teacher with a brand new car, so she was a little shaken up. When she left, we made sure to give her our number in case she got stuck, and she even offered hers in case we ever needed a babysitter. I think she was just thankful that we weren't weirdos.

Today I thought we were going to get some more rain, but the sun finally decided to come out at about 2pm. The girls are getting excited for grandma to come. That is all they talk about; ra-ra this and ra-ra that.

The rest of the week is just getting things done. I have been so honored to be on the fundraising committee for Chad's spring trip and so I have some things to do for that. We have another meeting tomorrow, but I hope to get all the bulletin announcements done before that. We are having a whiffle ball tournament on November 10th, so if anyone would like to come down and play, you are more than welcome to.

Hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather, how about you throw some our way.