Saturday, February 17, 2007

Doubleheader Today

That's right, not only is it the first game, but it is a doubleheader. The JV game is actually going on now and the varsity is playing two up in The Woodlands at 1 and 3. I am thinking that we will head up for the 3pm game. I figure if we leave at 3, that will be good. Nothing too exciting has gone on this week. Just a pretty plain week here. It has been cool, but is suppose to start warming up. I think that by the middle of next week we are suppose to be in the 70's. Emma and Maddie are doing great. Emma is crawling all over the place. She has figured out that she can do laps through the kitchen. She is getting a little more adventurous. She is pulling herself up to her knees and with help from someone to her feet. She is also starting to follow you around. When I go to change Maddie's diaper and come out of the room, Emma is usually in the hall waiting for us.

Maddie is starting to realize that Emma isn't breakable. They are starting to "play" together. Usually it is Emma trying to crawl on Maddie or take her nuk. Maddie is getting the hang of her sit and spin (thanks uncle Joel and Aunt Amy). She loves the music it makes. She still will use her foot to get herself going, but then can use her hands to keep her spinning.

With us, it is nothing too new. Baseball is taking up most of the time around here. We will have tournaments or games on Saturdays for the next three weekends. At least after that there are no more Saturday games, just the three each week. Chad was suppose to have off of school on Monday, but when the freezing weather hit and they had off for two days they need to make one of those days up. I have been doing some spring cleaning around here. I have been going through closets and drawers trying to get rid of stuff we don't use. I have a felling that our garage is going to become our storage area sooner than Chad would like. That is the update from here. We have visitors coming in three weeks- I'm hoping that it will be warm then and we can spend a lot of time outside.