Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Last Two Days

Here are just a few pictures that can tell the story of the last couple of days. Monday was a pretty normal day in our house. The girls and I hung out and got to play outside in the near 80 degrees. That evening I went to a Pampered Chef thing with Christa. It really wasn't a party. It was like a thank you to people who had hosted a party and you could bring guests with you. Since Christa had hosted a party she got an invitation and then asked if I wanted to go. So her and I went for a couple of hours and it was fun. Yesterday Chad had a baseball game, so we took him to school in the morning and then had a pretty normal day at home. We headed up to school at about 3:30 and got to play again, in the warm sun and weather. Hannah (one of the boys' sisters) loves to play with Maddie, so we always make sure we have a ball for them to play with. They had lots of fun playing and Emma just watched and crawled around them. Michael Heiden (Ben's brother) and his girlfriend (who actually graduated from CLHS) came to the game so we could hang out. They headed home during the game, but then came over after for some pizza at our place. Not too much going on the rest of the week. Chad has another tournament this weekend. The last one, so depending on how they do will determine when they play. Tomorrow they play at 10am, so today is really his last day of school for the week, because Friday is an in-service day. He has just next week of school and then spring break. No big plans for the break, but I think on Monday the 12th we are heading to Texas Lutheran for their baseball game because they are playing Concordia Seward. Here are those pictures. Enjoy!!

Note: if anyone has been trying to call us, our cell phones have been out of commission for whatever reason, so hopefully that will be resolved either later today or early tomorrow.

Here is Maddie doing what she does best- take off her clothes.(she is even getting the hang of taking off her shirt.) I have figured out that if she has shorts on, she leaves those on, but not pants.

Maddie playing with the ball at dad's baseball game

What Maddie took home from the baseball game. She didn't cry, just got back up and started playing again.

Emma just hanging out on the floor.

Trying to get close to the camera- most likely trying to eat it.

Another look at those skinned knees.

Emma pulling herself up- she can even do it one handed.

Emma watching Maddie and Hannah playing at the baseball game.