Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Here are just a few pictures of the girls from this week. The one of Emma is her pulling herself up. She has gotten up to her feet a few times, but that is a whole lot harder than just going to her knees. The first one of Maddie is with her first haircut. I had to cut her bangs since they were hanging in her eyes. Now she actually looks like a little person. She now has a hairstyle and her curls are back after taking a leave of absence while we were in Wisconsin. The bottom one of Maddie is at Chad's game last Saturday. She decided that she wanted to bat. This was after the game was over and she was going around picking up equipment and putting it on.

This week has been so nice out. Right now it is 80 degrees outside. The sun is totally out too. So that means that we have gotten outside everyday this week. I have even got some yard work done in the back too. Chad had a game last night. That's all I'll say about it. We didn't go, but I got the run down this morning before he left for school. This weekend is the Concordia Tournament. Each year it seems to get rained out on Saturday, so we will see if that is a trend that continues. There is only about a 30% chance of rain for Saturday. It is suppose to stay in the 70's for awhile. I have a feeling that our cold weather is behind us.

We have a couple of weeks until Spring Break. Since Jana and Mike aren't able to come down now, it looks like we will just be hanging out at home. Maybe that will give us a chance to get some things done around the house, especially the yard.

Now that baseball is here, it makes my life seem so boring. We spend a lot of time at home just playing. We have been going to the park more now that it is warmer and Maddie seems to love the swings even more than before. Maddie also loves to take off her clothes. It will be no more than about a half hour before she is pantless. She usually keeps her shirt on, but I think that is because it usually gets stuck on her head when she tries to take it off. She can put her pants back on all by herself, but prefers to keep them off. She will still be out daredevil and risk taker. You can already tell that between the two of them. We are hoping that Emma is getting another tooth, otherwise there needs to be an explanation of all the extra drool and crabbiness.