Monday, February 26, 2007

Four-Wheelers, Waco, A New Bike and Badminton


So here is Maddie and "uncle" Phill on the four-wheeler at school. Friday and Saturday was a baseball tournament at school. They played their games on Friday and we were even home before 10pm. So Saturday morning we awoke to a steady rain and headed to school to check on the field. We got there and the field was doing pretty good. Chad, Phill, and Steve started to rake and turn over the dry dirt from underneath and that is when the big guy upstairs thought it would be funny to just let it down pour. It continued to pour on and off for awhile and so Chad decided to call the tournament for Saturday. While waiting to see what they were going to do, Maddie got to take a ride on the four-wheeler around the baseball field. I think she had more fun just sitting on it and listening to the engine rev. So with the baseball tournament canceled it was off to...

I don't have any pictures from Waco. Even if I would have taken any, the camera would have probably blown out of my hands. We (Chad, me, the girls, and Steve) headed up to Waco to wat
ch the boys soccer team in the state championship. The game was at 1:30, so we had to quickly get ourselves together and get ready to leave. We were on the road by 9:50, which was pretty good. The drive to Waco is about 3 hours. We grabbed lunch on the way, got to Baylor and got to the soccer field- it was the wrong one. Luckily the one we needed to be at was just a couple of blocks away. So we piled back into the car and got to the game as the National Anthem was ending. It was really windy. There were even a few times that Isaac and Maddie got blown over. So we spent the first half playing ball with Isaac. The soccer team ended up losing 4-0. The refs were consistent in their calls, mostly bad, but at least they were consistent. I don't think that the other team was a 4-0 better team than us, but it was fun anyways. We then got back into the car where both Maddie and Emma soon fell asleep. We got home, Steve stayed for dinner, watched the MSU game and then played some Phase 10.

After church on Sunday we came home and cleaned up the backyard. I had been pulling bushes and such all last week. The most being the 7, yes 7, rose bushes I had to clip and dig up. So then after that we went to the mall to try to find some shoes for Maddie, no luck. We headed home- the girls of course fell asleep, so we stopped at Sonic for a Cherry Limeade. When we got home Chad got to put together his first bike. (note- see Chad's blog about it) So after Emma ate her dinner we all went outside in the driveway and Maddie got to test out her new bike. We ended up taking out every ball in the garage, the wagon, and anything else Maddie could find. Emma just sat and watched as Maddie was doing this all. I swear she was taking mental notes on how to make a complete mess of everything. We also have a driveway "net", if you call a volleyball net that. So one of the things she took out was the volleyball/badminton set we received as a wedding present.


Maddie just thought everything about badminton was just so funny. She would laugh every time the shuttlecock would fly in the air. She would laugh whenever she would try to hit it and miss. She would laugh when it would fall off her racket after one of us put it on. She was just having a fun time out there. It was a lot of fun to watch her.

Then we started to play a game actually over the net and she couldn't decide what team she wanted to be on. She kept switching sides. She was trying to get the hang of it and was having fun at the same time.

Meanwhile, Emma just took the opportunity to crawl all around. She decided to try to see what leaves taste like. I don't think she enjoyed them too much. She was giggling right along with Maddie when Maddie would start giggling.

So all in all, we had a really fun weekend, with some really nice weather. I heard that there was snow up in Milwaukee and other areas of the Midwest. It would have been just as fun if we could have gone sledding. But we wouldn't have gotten any of our yard work done.