Monday, February 05, 2007

What Was I Thinking??

I am in the arctic north, called Wisconsin, where it is -10 degrees and -30 with the wind chill, while Chad is at home in the warm 65 degree weather. We are talking a 75 degree difference. What in the world was I thinking? Besides the cold weathers, we are having lots of fun. It is just to bad that it is cold because there actually is snow, but it is to cold to let Maddie go play in it. We got in last Thursday, it was a pretty uneventful flight. Both Maddie and Emma slept for about 1/3 of it, right in the beginning too, so that helped. Friday we were suppose to all go down to Chicago, but with the wind chill and weather, the girls stayed with grandma and grandpa here and I went by myself. I had an awesome dinner at Flat Top Grill with Renee and then got to meet up with Anne and throw some darts with her. It was so much fun. Saturday morning grandma and grandpa brought the girls down and we played for a little while with Kate and Ella. Then we headed over to River Forest for the alumni game. There were 8 of us oldies and then some girls who still go to school there, but aren't on the team, for various reasons. We were having just a good old time, but the other team was taking it a little too serious. The girls left after the game and I stayed to watch the RF girls, just wipe the floor with Maranatha Bible College. Sunday was church and then we headed up to the Janetzke's. We just hung out and Maddie played with the dog and cats, I think she even fed the fish. Josh and I made a trip to Wal-Mart. We "watched" the Superbowl. Most of their house was rooting for the Colts, I was hoping the Bears won, but we know how that ended. Today we are heading down to Woodstock to play with Ben and Sam. Grandma is working until 11 and then we are leaving when she gets home. The rest of the week looks pretty low key. There are a couple a basketball games that we might catch. One of my cousin's plays on Wednesday, another on Thursday and then Kurt plays on Friday. Hopefully the games won't be canceled because of the cold.

I am hoping that the warm weather is still at home when we get back on Saturday. When we get back baseball starts full swing with games and practices. It sounds like Chad has been surviving without me- he did have a few people over last night for the game and he even told me he was doing a load of laundry. He says that at least now he knows what he isn't missing being a bachelor. Haha. We have a few pictures so far, but maybe after we play today I'll post some of those. Have a great, warm week.