Monday, February 12, 2007

Just the 4 of us

We have made it out of the cold and back to Texas. We flew home on Saturday from Chicago. The flight was pretty uneventful. Maddie never slept, but she watched Nemo the whole way. Emma fell asleep for a bit, but then just wanted to be up and seeing what was going on. We also hit a little turbulence and so the pilot lowered the plane a little bit and was hoverign in that area where your ears can't pop. I think that Emma's ears were bothering her and so while we were avoiding turbulence it was making her ears worse. We then headed home and both the girls fell asleep. We picked up some dinner and went home. I was surprised that Maddie didn't have to take every toy out. Yesterday was church and grocery shopping.

To round out the rest of the week we were in Wisconsin, we went to my cousin Alex's basketball game, she was carrying on the Heffelfinger tradition and fouled out. We went to Southridge with Katie and then I got to go to eat with just her (grandma and grandpa took the girls). We went to uncle Kurt's tournament game, it was a very exciting game. They lost in overtime. We got to hang out with cousin Luke on Friday. Aunt Kathy made these cool shirts for the girls and Luke to wear to Kurt's game. Then before we left on Saturday we went to Chicago and got to play with Kate, Ella, Ben and Sam. Chad met us at the end of the security and when I saw him, I let Maddie get out of the stroller and she just ran and ran with her arms out to go get him. All the TSA people were oohing and ahhing. It was very cute. Chad said that at least he knew that one of his daughters missed him.

Not too much going on this week. Chad has his first game on Saturday. It is also a doubleheader. Depending on the weather, maybe we will go for the second game. We have about a month before any visitors are coming. The Dallas crowd is coming on March 10th for the weekend. Jana and Mike are also coming in on the 10th, later in the evening and then staying until the 14th. That is also Chad's spring break, so I'm sure he is looking forward to some playstation with Mike.

Happy 3rd Birthday to Ben tomorrow!!