Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Week Of Summer

So we have started school, but you probably already read about that in the post above. So we spent the last week of summer enjoying all we could. We did make it to the Zoo on Wednesday and it was almost the most perfect day for the Zoo. It was nice and sunny- and not too crowded. So we did the normal circle at the zoo- saw everyone's favorite animal and then it was off for a train ride.

Thursday we spent a rainy day inside playing, coloring, and waiting for dad to get home from school. For being a rainy day, it actually went pretty quick.

Friday looked like it was going to be rainy, but ended up being a pretty nice day-that was until we were walking back to the car after the Brewers game and got poured on. So Friday we went to go get a Bumbo seat for Lilly that I found on Craigslist. We figured that since we were out in Menomonee Falls we would swing by grandma and grandpa J's house. Maddie decided she didn't want to stop at the house- so she spent about 20 minutes just sitting in the car. She finally decided that playing in the front yard was better then sitting in the car waiting. Grandpa Heff was with us- since he has Fridays off- and so we stopped for some lunch and then it was back home. Actually we did make a stop at a rummage sale, but I just got out. The girls were very disappointed, but I reassured them that there were no toys to even buy. Chad and I were off the the Brewers game that evening with Ben W. We had a good time and saw a good game. It was nice to actually see the game and not have to be running out to the concession stand for some cotten candy.

We got to see Prince hit a homerun, Coffey Time- he didn't beat his best, but was about 2 seconds more. As you can see from the picture they post his best time on his stats. We also got to see Hoffman pitch. The roof and panels were closed, so Hell's Bells were pretty loud.

Saturday morning, Chad was nice enough to let me sleep in a little. That was also because he was up at about 6:30am to have the BFL draft. Ben was also over for the draft. Maddie and I headed up to Germantown for a Mary Kay party- now Maddie didn't put any makeup on, but she did play Wii and football with uncle Kurt.

After the party was over, we headed over the district office to help grandpa J clean out his office. We all had a lot of laughs and had good times remembering lots of memories. We finished the afternoon off with an empty office and a couple of beers.

Maddie spent the time playing in the empty shelves.

After we got all the boxes back to Germantown, we headed back home. We decided to take a little walk down the Boulevard since there was a block party happening. The girls had fun listening to the music and then we saw Jan and Sharon out front, so we headed over by them so the girls could play with Lucy. We said goodbye to Alex for about the 4th time that week since she was heading off to college on Sunday. Yes, IT IS August, but Lilly needed a hat on. It only got up to about 63degrees on Saturday.

Sunday was the OR church and school picnic. Actually for church, g and g J, uncle Kurt, aunt Lydia, and aunt Kendra joined us at OR, so it was nice to have some of the family there. Grandpa was giving an award to OR school for NLSA. After church, Lilly was headed to Germantown for the night, since I had to be the helper at school. We headed to the picnic for just a short time, since we knew that Amy, Joel, Ben, and Sam would be coming back to the house after the Brewers game. We got home relaxed for just a little while and then when everyone got back to the game, we headed out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner to celebrate Grandma Heff's birthday, which is today. If you have a bigger group of younger kids, it is a great place to go, because it is once of those noisy places, so you can't even hear the noise your kids are making over everything else.

It was home to get ready for the first day of school.