Tuesday, August 11, 2009

State Fair

Monday the girls and I ventured to State Fair while Chad was at school working. We went with auntie Susie, uncle Kip, and Jared. The girls were so excited to go- they just wanted to see all the animals. Of course the first barn we went into was the horses and it was a changeover day, so there were none in there. It was dog day so there was the dog show going on in the coliseum, so they both loved all the dogs just walking around and being able to pet them or just see them up close. We went over to Saz's to see cousin Alex at work. Maddie wanted to go on the big slide. She was just big enough to go on herself, so up the stairs with her potatoe sack she went (in the pic below she is almost at the top with the hot pink tank top on the right side)

Then down she went, she was good about half way down and then fell backwards and couldn't get up until she was all the way down at the bottom. I think that is what freaked her out the most.

So she got off, she was about white as a ghost- which is hard for her to do, since she is already pasty white, and she was shaking. She said it was fun, but also scary. She decided that a tatoo would make all the fear away. Her and Emma got a tatoo from one of the students at Hamilton- which is where auntie Susie works. Maddie got a Hello Kitty and Emma a Barbie.

So it was some walking through the exhibits and what not- a big pickle for Maddie who was disappointed that it didn't come on a stick and then some ice cream for Emma, Blue Moon of course. We saw pigs, sheep (Maddie will tell you about the one that looked like a referee), and then the Budweiser Clysdales. Emma loved that the horses had bows in their manes and tails.

Maddie got to ride a camel, Emma said she wanted to, but of course when she saw how big the camel actually was decided against it.

So Alex was getting off of work at 5pm, Lilly was getting some dinner and she met up with us. We sat and talked for a little while with her, Emma enjoyed some of her chocolate covered cookie dough, then Maddie decided she wanted to go on the big slide again, this time with Alex. So off we went over to the Big Slide again. Maddie made the trek up the stairs again, this time Alex carrying the sack, they got on at the top and off they went. She is still thinking it is okay in the picture below.

Here Maddie has changed her tune, she is not having fun, she made it all the way without crying, but has said that she will never go on it again. She is still singing that same tune today.

Emma wanted nothing to do with the slide and this is as close as she wanted to get- posing with the board cutout.

That was our adventure at the Fair. Thanks to Susie, Kip, and Jared for helping with the girls.