Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wisconsin Fish Fry

Being back in Wisconsin gives the opportunity to take advantage of having a Friday Night Fish Fry, but we have only been to a few in the year we have been back. Friday morning we headed up to Germantown to hang out and spend the night, but early evening (I'm talking grandma and grandpa dinner time) we headed over to Hartford to the Mineshaft for their famous $4.99 all you can eat fish fry. You might be thinking $4.99?? Really?? Can it really be that good?? Well the always packed place that seats many hundred, the 45 minute wait and the satisfied look of everyone leaving tells you that it is a good fish fry. We took g and g J, uncle Kurt, aunt Lydia and Kendra, then uncle Ben and Christina met us up there. It was good and we all went home full. Even uncle Kurt who said he didn't like fish fry, had a second helping of fish.

We headed back to the house, but made a quick stop at Cabela's- the big hunting/camping store. They have an aquarium with lots of fish- Maddie even saw a Northern Pike just like the one she caught at Bickel Camp. They also have quite teh collection of stuffed animals, deer, bears, porcupines, wolves, a polar bear, a lion, a rhino, even an elephant. It was pretty cool.

After our safari adventure we got home and even managed to get a few hands of cards in. We had some laughs and then headed to bed- I think Chad and Kurt played a game on NCAA Football or something.

Saturday morning everyone slept in since it was rainy and dark, we hung out for awhile and then after lunch we headed home. We came home and had some roasted corn and watermelon for dinner- it was yummy.

Sunday we decided that since it was so hot we were going to head out to Pewaukee to my aunt and uncles house- they live on Pewaukee Lake. They had the boats ready to go, the girls got some swimming in and then the dark clouds rolled in and in came the thunderstorms. They had fun even if they didn't get a chance to go out on the fast boat.