Thursday, August 06, 2009

Vacation Week

So Chad decided that this week was his one whole week at home. He didn't go in for Speed and Strength, he hasn't gone in to do any work, but instead has been at home and hanging with us. Monday Ben, Sam, and Amy came to spend the night since their bathroom is getting redone. So we had a movie night outside with the help of grandma's new projector. Eli- the boy who lives next door came over and watched the movie with us also. Tuesday the Odingas came and we got to meet Raegan (who is exactly 2 months younger then Lilly). We went to lunch at Miller Park and then just came back to the house to hang out for the rest of the afternoon and part of the evening. It was so great to catch up with them and hear how everyone in Texas is doing.

Wednesday Chad took all three girls to the library for story time, it was quiet around here, but it sure was nice. The rest of day we just spent as a family, most of it outside. I managed to get some laundry done and we even had dinner outside. After dinner we took a walk to Walgreen's to get some drops for Emma's eyes. Ben and Sam had something (not pink eye) and Maddie must be a carrier, because she spent the night down there last week and brought it back with her, she got it a little over the weekend, but my mom said it wasn't bad at all. Emma wasn't even here over the weekend with Maddie, but she seems to have gotten the brunt of it. She has been really good at letting me put some drops in her eyes to help with the red and the itch.

Today I ran over to Our Redeemer to hand in the final stuff for registration. Emma still has some accidents, but I am hoping that in three weeks she will be going to school. She wants to, so that is a good thing. This afternoon we are heading down to Racine to hang out with the Nate Bickels- it is funny that we live so close, but don't see them all that often. Tomorrow we are heading up to Germantown we will probably end of staying over and just hanging out there for part of the weekend. Next week is Chad's last week before meetings start on the 18th. Hoping to get to the fair one day so the girls can check out all the animals, Maddie has a playdate on Wednesday and then we are off to Iowa on Thursday for the 125th anniversary of Trinity Cedar Rapids.

Now I am all caught up- other exciting news is that Anne and Fritz set a wedding date and so we will be heading to New York for their wedding which will be July 23rd, 2010.