Friday, September 24, 2004

A Baby's Mind

Aren't you glad that you can't always remember things before you were about 3 years old. At work each day I think about all the things that the kids do and wonder why they do them, but then it makes sense, they don't remember it anyways. Like who really wants to be in a dirty diaper, scream your head off just because your mommy left you for a few hours or get all messy when eating your applesauce. It makes perfect sense to them, but then in 3 years, they won't remember it anyways.It is fun watching my kids at school.
I have only been having one on Fridays, so I usually combine with the class next door and we have some fun. It makes things a lot easier if there are two adults in the room too. I really like the teacher next door, her name is Allison and her mom actually works over at Concordia. We have a good time together and laughing at all the silly things some of the kids do. Or even just the habits they have gotten into to go to sleep. Like one of the boys in her class puts on pacifier in his mouth and another one between his toes. It is funny what some kids do.
Well besides work, we haven't been doing too much. It will be a pretty slow weekend. No football tonight and no real plans for the rest of the weekend. It is nice that the Astros are in Milwaukee, becuase now we can watch them this weekend.
Pete got to move into his new apartment this week. Tavis and Jen Schlicker will actually get to move into their own place next week. They were looking for a house, but haven't found one yet, so they are moving into an apartment for the time being.
Next weekend we are going to Astroworld with the Key Club from Concordia. I know that I will have fun, but with Chad not all that thrilled about roller coasters, it could be a long day.
A baby's mind-try to think of your earliest memory. I remember when the stereo fell on me when we lived in the duplex. There are only a few things I remember about the duplex, and we moved out of there when I was three.