Sunday, September 19, 2004

Our First Visitors
It all started on a hot September day 4 days ago...

Well we have gotten and lost our first real visitors. (Pete you don't count, because you live here now) We have had a pretty fun weekend, with lots of laughing at each other, other people, and things we see. Mom and dad got here on Thursday night and after Chad and I drove around the airport several times, we finally found them and took them home.

Friday brought a day of work for both Chad and I, dad went to see his Interstate friend Roger who lives in College Station and mom stayed around the house realxing. When we got home, we went to get some Mexican food and then to the Concordia football game. That game was actually quick this week and I think the other team was thankful, because when we left at the beginning of the 4th quarter, CLHS was winning 47-0. We did get to see the Sonic Hot Dog (Sonic is a Drive-In type fast food place), it wasn't like the mascot hot dogs were are used to seeing, but it did make for a few good laughs.

Saturday we managed to get up a reasonable time, of course dad had already been to McDonald's for coffee. Amy did call to see how everything was going. We decided after much debate to go see Mr. 3000 at noon and then get some lunch. I would recommend this movie, especially if you are a Brewers' fan. They really do a good job of showing Milwaukee in it's true fashion. Also some very funny cameo appearence by the Sausages. We then went to eat and go get Pete to go to the Astros game. We got down there fine and the stadium is a great facility. We got to sit in the front row right along the third base side, so Chad did manage to get one foul ball as it rolled along the wall. We managed to make 3 friends while we were there. One, the cockroach who was as big as my palm, the security guard Carlos, who strikingly looks a lot like James Rivas, and a man who traded us a beer for one of the free Astros coffeemugs they were handing out. We also all got booed by our whole section when Chad got the ball and they all saw that we were Brewers' fans. The night did end up bad for the Brewers, but we still managed to have a great time. The 7th inning stretch was the most fun all night, we sang "Take Me Out To the Ballgame" and then, not the Beer Barrel Polka, but "The Stars at Night, Are Big and Bright.....Deep In the Heart of Texas", it was the awesomest thing, for 40,000 people to be singing and clapping to that song.

Sunday we went to church (Chad and I had to sing at both services), came home to fire up the grill with some brats and Chad was in heaven because the Lions were actually on TV (they were playing the Texans). Pete came over and we ate and then played a few hands of Phase 10. Then it was about that time to take mom and dad to the airport. Now it is a couple hours of realxing before starting the week again. But at least we get to watch the Brewers' game (hopefully they can pull out one win down here). Mom and dad, it was great to have you here, hopefully you will get down here again soon.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend, even if the Packers did lose. Have a great week and hopefully we will hear from you soon. Enjoy the pictures from the weekend below.