Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Just another Tuesday

Well, Tuesdays and Thursdays are my days off from work, but it sure doesn't feel that way. I am usually trying to get things done around the house, like laundry and grocery shopping. Then when I think I am able to enjoy my day off, I remember that I go over to Concordia on both days in the afternoon to help with Athletic Period for basketball. I figure at least it keeps me busy. I am enjoying Athletic Period, I get to have the team to myself on Thursdays and we have some fun conditioning and doing some drills. On Tuesdays we split the girls in half and I get to work with the girls who aren't on the same level as the varsity girls. So I am working with the freshmen and sophomores. It is good practice, the girls are great. I think we have a lot of fun. It is nice because Athletic Period isn't as intense as a practice would be, but you are still at least accomplishing things that help them.

Chad had the Freshmen retreat on Sunday to Monday, so Jen and Shelby Schlicker stayed over on Sunday night. He said that the retreat was okay, he didn't get much sleep though. He is finally in the groove of school and is getting used to all the differences here.

We are looking forward to mom and dad coming down on Thursday. We are also looking forward to going to the Brewers/Astros game on Saturday. I'm not sure what else we have planned, but I know that Chad is looking forward to watching not just the Michigan State game, but also the Lions will actually be on, because the Texans play them on Sunday. We are also planning on going to the Concordia game on Friday night.

Things here are good. Some days it still feels weird that we live in Texas, but I am getting used to that. It will all come with time. I am hoping that we will get some more visitors (especially when it starts to get cold up in the north). I hope that all is going well for everyone. We will talk to you soon.