Tuesday, September 28, 2004

No Air Conditioning??

Well the time has finally come where we can open our windows and enjoy the fresh air and not swaet to death. I was sick of not being able to have open windows and always running the air conditioner. It also is a killer in the electric bill department too. It is now only a balmy 87 degrees and it is actually getting down to about 65 at night, so it is actually nice to sleep not freezing cold from the air conditioner kicking in in the middle of the night. I enjoy the warmth, since I am always cold anyways. We have also been making good use of our fans. Some people think that we are crazy for not keeping it on, but most of them understand because they have been cooped up for the whole summer, we have only been here 2 months.

This past weekend brought us time to do a lot of nothing. There was no football on Friday, so we rented some movies that we still haven't watched, but maybe we will get to them this Friday. But have no fear, there is always football on Saturdays. We once again got to watch Wisconsin. We then went over to where Tavis is staying and had a BBQ, but it was like brats and hamburgers, not Texas BBQ. We did for some reason use the big smoker. It was quite funny, the three Yankees trying to figure out the smoker while the one Texan just stood in the window and watched the whole thing. Sunday took us to church and then to Pete's new place. It is a nice place and close to everything. We even made a trip to Ikea. Pete and I dropped Chad off in the cafe they have, because there was a television there and Pete and I got some stuff for his apartment. We went back to his place and he cooked us some baby back ribs. They were really good. We also played Phase 10. Which of course I won, after being way behind. Monday brought us back to the work week. I actually had all five kids there, the twins went home a little early when Kate decided she didn't like what she ate and threw it up. Chad had Parent/Teacher conferences yesterday and then Pete came over for dinner on his way home from his volleyball game in The Woodlands. Today Tuesday, brings a day of laundry and cleaning for me, then to Athletic Period. I think Tavis is coming over for dinner tonight (Jen is still in Wisconsin finishing up house stuff). Tomorrow is my last day for the work week, because there is no school on Friday. We are looking forward to Astroworld this weekend with the Key Club and I will have a fun time just trying to get Chad on the roller coasters.