Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Days filled with drool, diapers, and naps

I began work today, that is an understatement when you spend the majority of the day wiping noses, bottoms, and trying to get the kids to not call you momma. It was a pretty alright day. I had three kids today, but normally it would be five. (the twins are on vacation) I have one that looks like a clone of Chad's brother Josh and even has his personality. I have one who looks like a girl, but isn't. Then I have the adorable one, but he doesn't walk yet, so it makes for interesting outside time on the playground. Overall I had a good day, it was a good start and I hope that it continues that way. On Friday I will just have two, my Josh clone and the one who cried the whole day yesterday. I figure at least I only have those two, so if she is a crier again, it will be easier to handle.

I have also been going to Concordia on Tuesdays to help with Athletic Period 8th hour. Really it is so I can take the basketball girls and do some drills with them. I now will also be going on Thursdays to do conditioning and agility drills. I am excited for basketball, but the head coach may take some time to get used to. He is a very nice person and knows a good amount, but he is disorganized and only cares about his varsity starters. There are three really talented girls on the team, 2 pretty good and them the rest just need some extra work, so guess who gets to work extra, that's right me. He tells me he likes to concentrate on defense and I am thinking that is because it is easier. So he is always looking for new offenses and doesn't always see that it doesn't need to be real elaborate. I feel as if I am going to be the one, who is always asking, "what about this?", "what if we tried this?". I think that it will be a good time, the girls seem pretty excited for the season and are ready to work hard.

Chad is getting used to everything here. We are lucky enough to not have a football game this weekend, so that means we will actually be home Friday night. He has the freshmen retreat this weekend. We are looking forward to mom and dad being here next weekend and to go to the Brewers/Astros game.

Well I hope everyone is doing good. I will write more of the saga and woes of being one and a half and having to be away from your mommy for 5 hours.