Sunday, September 05, 2004

Ode To Joel

To my brother-in-law Joel:What a funny guy he is. So he says to me today, "the reason I don't have a blog is because I wouldn't update it everyday, so I don't know why you have one if you don't update it." Well my apologies to you Joel. I did not read in the blog owners manual that you have to update it everyday, but now that I know you are anxiously waiting to hear how life in Texas is, I'll make sure I always write something for the day.

Joel you would love Texas (and we are expecting a visit sometime). Why you might ask, because everything in Texas is big. That includes the food and portion sizes. You see Joel likes to eat. Now as you can see from his picture, he's a pretty fit guy, but he needs to make sure he eats at least 7 times a day. There have been times when we are all home and we have to plan things around Joel's eating schedule. The portions here in Texas are Joel sized. If you want a steak you can't get like a 6oz steak, the smallest one they have is 16oz. BBQ back home is brats, burgers and maybe some chicken. Here BBQ is like the ribs Fred Flintstone would get at the beginning of the cartoon (you all know what I am talking about-when they put the ribs on the side of the car and the car tips over). Joel has a good sized gas grill, but that is nothing compared to the size of pits here (that can't even call them grills they are so big). You see here in Texas people need to get in there F5500 diesel trucks and they pull their pits behind them to an open field, where there is no fear of starting buildings on fire and they begin their BBQs. So Joel, I am inviting you down to experience a Texas sized BBQ with all the trimmings and a challenge to see if it can fill you up.

So this brings me to the thought that I wonder if other people think. Living here now for a month, we have noticed that every person drives a truck (most without a gun rack and confederate flag). I wonder if people who drive the big F5500's feel that they are more macho then those people driving the rangers. I have a feeling that the bigger your truck and the more is sounds like a semi, the better you feel about yourself. There are trucks here that you need a ladder to get into. This afternoon Pete, Chad, and I went to Sonic for some lunch and we were sitting outside and during the 30 minutes we were there at least 5 trucks came through the drive-thru that sounded like they were semis, as I would turn to look at each driver I would see that all of them were smaller men with a big cowboy hat and a big truck. So here is what I am wondering, so you think that by having a bigger truck those men feel that once they step out of their truck, people will not notice they are still 5 feet tall because they have such a large truck??Disclaimer: This is not intended to offend Joel, you know that I love you and just have to give you a hard time since we haven't seen you in like 2 months. I just haven't been the same without being at mom and dad's and getting annoyed with all your questions. And just a quick note for you, if you are planning on getting anything done Monday morning remember that whatever it is, it probably opens around 9ish. Take care, we'll talk soon.