Monday, August 03, 2009

The week just flew by

So Monday was a typical day here, laundry, playground, catching up on everything that got pushed aside during the weekend. It was Chad's last day of baseball for the summer and so it was a long Monday, but one of the last before school starts. Tuesday we were headed up to Germantown so the girls could hang out there while we went to tennis that evening. Amy and the boys were coming to go to the Brewers game on Tuesday night and planning to spend Wednesday with us. We ended up at the Zoo and just walked and saw all the animals. The girls love the zoo, maybe not their dad so much, but they sure do. Maddie got to go home with Ben and Sam for the evening and she of course had a great time. Emma was a little sad she didn't get to go, but she got to pick either going to get a movie at the video store or walking for some ice cream. She chose the ice cream. Thursday morning it was quiet, but then Emma, Lilly, and I were off to meet Maddie in Lake Geneva to pick her up. While we were picking Maddie up, Chad was able to meet up with some former students from Minnesota and play a round of golf with them. They came back here for some dinner and then I was off to a MOPS planning meeting. It was nice to see the MOPS ladies again and we got a lot accomplished for this years' meetings. Friday morning we were out of the house around 9am and back up to Germantown to drop the girls off and we were on our way to Chicago to spend the weekend away for our birthdays, yes that is right our 30th birthdays. Chad has been 30 for about 3 weeks and I have about 2 weeks to go. More about Chicago in the next post. The girls were off and running to the backyard as soon as we got there and didn't even mind us leaving. Here are a few pics of Lilly- the first one is of her talking to the baseballs on her carrier and the second on is her showing her Brewers pride.( now mind you that is the helmet you get at the stadium with cheese fries in it).