Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Airport

Already this morning I have been to and back from Bush Intercontinental Airport. Tavis (the Choir teacher), is flying back to Sheboygan to drive back with his wife and daughter, who will now actually be living down here for good. That airport is very spread out and not very efficient. It was kind of like Walt Disney World. You see the sign that says Welcome to _________ (in this case Bush Intercontinental Airport) and you are like alright, I am here. No, the people who planned these places just like to make you think you are there. Needless to say, we drove another 2 miles before we even got to the terminal we needed to get to. Then you have the rent-a-cops directing traffic and they are trying to get you to move even before passengers are out of the car. This morning they were no different, but you need to remember that we were there at 7am and besides us, there were three other cars. The rent-a-cops were still trying to get us to go before Tavis even opened the door to get his bag. As all this is happening, I am just hoping that Chad got up, got ready, and was to school on time. When I passed Concordia on the way home, the car was there, so he was at least there.

We are looking forward to the long weekend. Pete is coming over on Saturday and we are going to attempt to grill some ribs. It may be a disaster, but we will have fun. Besides the football game on Friday, we don't have major plans. I hope that you all enjoy your extra day(s) off.